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Region of India

              India and the subcontinent is an anthology of different experiences. Too many to sample on just one visit. T3 specializes in organizing unique and unforgettable events that create lasting memories. No Incentive is complete without custom-designed theme event, native to the destination visited. To experience the essence and diverse splendour of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, we offer you dazzling themes which encapsulate a different part of the country, a different time, a different expression of grandeur, tradition and enjoyment. From royal welcomes to traditional cultural performances, here are just a few ideas to create a seamless, standout event that exceeds your expectations.

Regal North

              North India. The Land of the Kings and romance. Home to the holy Ganga and the exhilarating heights of the Himalayas. Here, 5000 years of culture lies, waiting to be discovered.

          North India is a melange of rich Hindu customs, superior architecture and tradition. Northern India’s most famous tourist route is the Golden Triangle where your journey takes you through the royal splendour of Rajasthan, the romance of Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal and the country’s capital city Delhi.

          No matter what one seeks, the northern zone is a treasure trove of varied colours, flavours and cultures that never fail to fascinate. Experience the enriched diversity of the royal splendour of the treasures of the north.

Sunny South

              South India is proud of its cultural heritage with its magnificent temples, most of which date back to the 6th century. The lost empire of Vijaynagar lies waiting to be explored. Epics of the past are woven into its architecture.

          Kerala is one of the most inviting parts of South India with its shimmering backwaters and azure beaches. It is also home to Ayurveda, the ancient science of wellness. The wildlife sanctuaries of Nilgiris, the golden beaches of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and the islands of Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar are pure paradise. A trip to Southern India is a heady combination of spices, wildlife, history, temples, spirituality and the sea. Few visitors can resist its exotic charm.

Enchanting East

              The eastern part of the Indian subcontinent is the most mysterious. It is an important gateway to the Buddhist circuit as well as to the North East. Travellers often visit this region to retrace Gautama Buddha’s spiritual path.

          Witness the sunrise over the Bay of Bengal. Travel to the Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary in Assam and see the one-horned Rhinoceros. Tour the amazing Konark temple in Orissa, see the magnificent view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from Darjeeling and experience the mesmerising beauty of the land of orchids, Sikkim.

          In many ways, the East of India is one of the least explored parts of the country. Which only heightens the joy of discovery when you visit and unravel its mysteries.

Alluring West

              Welcome to West India. The most famous city here is Mumbai, a fusion of different influences. Traditional temples and ornate mosques juxtapose gothic architecture. The cosmopolitan nature of the city is evident in its population and their lifestyle.

          Enjoy the Goan landscape is dotted with crystal beaches, sleepy villages and friendly people. Visit the beautiful caves of Ajanta and Ellora, where age-old carvings excite your imagination. Or you can meditate in cool and ancient Buddhist caves tunnelled out of solid rock, a dramatic contrast to the colourful fairs and festivals in unspoilt Gujarat.From the bright lights of big cities to the serene depths of the sea, from coastal towns to ancient caves, India’s western quarter offers quite a spectrum of memories.

Exotic Sri Lanka

              Long known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka continues to exert the fascination of its exotic, tropical mystique on visitors from all over the world. The Island boasts a wealth of attractions for the visitor – fabulous ancient cities, extravagant tropical vegetation, verdant hills, cascading waterfalls, abundant wildlife, glorious white-sand beaches, spice gardens and tea estates and charming friendly people steeped in the Buddhist faith.

          ‘Ayubowan’ which means ‘May You Live Long’ is the customary greeting of the Sri Lankans. We welcome you to experience the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality in this Resplendent Island. Sri Lanka never bids her visitors goodbye, but invites her guests to return – again and again!

Mystical Nepal

              Nepal – a country of amazing extremes fosters an incredible variety of ecosystems, the greatest mountain range on earth, thick tropical jungles teeming with a wealth of wildlife, thundering rivers, forested hills and frozen valleys.

          From the towering icy giants of the Himalayas and the cultural wonders of the Kathmandu Valley, to some of the richest wildlife areas in Asia, Nepal’s attractions are simply unbeatable. Adding dazzling colour to Nepal’s myriad attractions are the many festivals that dot the calendar.

          Join in the numerous annual festivals that are celebrated throughout the year in traditional style highlighting enduring traditions, customs and beliefs.